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Arima LLC

Introduction of Marketing Consultant Project

partnerships and projects

Alisma LLC provides bespoke and professional consulting services. We value building solid partnerships and thankfully our customer base continues to grow. Take a look at the list below to see what kind of customers we work with.

05. Car Fire Standard - 使用例A1.jpg

Sansho Shoji Co., Ltd. Alliance Division, Sales Planning Office

Click the ​ image for more information.

Alliance Business Department

For nursing homes: Vital sensors"Care Bird"Introduction and final customer development business

Sales planning room

​Fire-extinguishing suffocation sheet: Management of Bridgehill AS's domestic distributor in Japan and customer development, etc.

​Efforts to plan, manufacture, and sell lithium-ion battery fire extinguishing agents

Techny Osaka Co., Ltd.

We develop and sell "Air Relief" using stabilized chlorine dioxide.

It creates a hygienic space with deodorization, freshness preservation, and sterilization.

​ Active in deodorizing for nursing homes.


Stylem Takisada Osaka Co., Ltd.


"Disposable container" using domestic hemp

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Brabus Japan Co., Ltd.

Procurement of products for government tender projects

Arrangement of hygiene products

​ Development and sales of consumable products using nanodiamond patents

Ponte Co., Ltd.

Customer development for app development

Production background arrangement for affiliated brands

​ Advice for advertising

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Tubeless Japan Co., Ltd.
Co2 reduction visualization
IoTAdministrative WashRoom Fittings
​First landing in Japan
famous croatian brands
​ Recruiting construction agents

organic material

​We manufacture commercial (linen supply) towels for luxury hotels using organic cotton from India and Turkey.

株式会社テクニー大阪 きれいシリーズ

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